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4.000 yachts, 30.000 crew members, millions of opportunities.


With 150 new yachts built every year, the industry is booming. Often fantasized about, it remains unknown to the general public and its historical players maintain high barriers to entry. The reason is simple: extravagant commercial opportunities associated with high financial stakes, all framed by strict confidentiality rules.

Excellence is priceless

In yachting is that price has very little influence on a purchase deed. Yacht owners and crew members mainly focus on quality.

In this context, Marinescence Media selects the partners that will be positively welcome Sets of specifications accompanied by precise bidding processes are required to offer all network members a range of products and services that truly meet their requirements.

Yacht crews manage large budgets

Yachting represents quite a market for brands targeting international travelers / technology lovers / adventure seekers and time optimizers with strong buying power.

Indeed, crew members do not only purchase the very best for themselves, they also manage yachts’ operating budgets. Each year, a yacht spends 10% of its selling price on clothing, food, insurance, maintenance and more. As an example, a 50m yacht, bought for €25millions spends €2.5millions in operating costs each year.

The market is expandable to businesses of all kinds.

Where is the money spent?

The needs on board the boats are numerous. As are those that accompany the lives of crew members.

Monthly wages in yachting