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Reach an international audience with very high purchasing power

6.000 yachts, 30.000 crew members, millions of opportunities.


With 150 new yachts built every year, the industry is booming. Often fantasized about, it remains unknown to the general public and its historical players maintain high barriers to entry. The reason is simple: extravagant commercial opportunities associated with high financial stakes, all framed by strict confidentiality rules.

Excellence is priceless

An important parameter in yachting is that the notion of price has very little influence on a purchase deed. Yacht owners and crew members focus exclusively on the quality of the service provided / the products purchased.

In this context, Marinescence Media selects the clients with whom its teams feel they can work. In order to preserve its reputation, a very strict set of specifications accompanied by a precise bidding process is required to guarantee the members of its network a range of products and services that meet their requirements.

Yacht Crew

Yacht crews manage (very) large budgets

If the morphology of yacht owners is well known to all, it is not the same for crew members. 

Indeed, many people are required to allow a boat to operate in the best conditions: captains, stewardesses, chefs, deckhands, engineers and many other people work together to allow ship owners and guests to fully enjoy their floating palaces.

And if these crew members are particularly well paid to carry out their duties with all the constraints that they entail (in particular mobility, living behind closed doors and the degree of exigency of their employers), they are also at the head of operating budgets that rival those of the world’s largest SMEs.

What do they buy?

The needs on board the boats are numerous. As are those that accompany the lives of crew members.

Key numbers

0 M€
Average purchase price of an 80m yacht (second-hand)
0 %
Average annual operating budget of a yacht in relation to its purchase price
0 K€
Annual food & beverage budget for a 30m yacht
0 K€
Annual clothing budget for a 40m yacht
0 K€
Average rental price for a 50m yacht

Detailed annual budgets for boats of various sizes available on request.

Monthly wages in yachting