Marinescence Media may offer investment opportunities. Email the management should you need more information.


Why may we need you?

  • To develop the activity in a comfort zone: knowing that our cash needs are being covered would help us to work in better conditions (mind free)
  • To quickly gain awareness: thanks to an investment in marketing (trade shows and other events)
  • To prouve our ability to convince: if you believe in us, who won’t?
  • To gain in credibility: a big name next to ours would represent a guarantee of commitment and viability
  • To multiply business opportunities: we also hope that you could introduce us to your network, and vice-versa

Why investing?

A team of experts running the business

Nicolas knows the entire yachting industry thank to an 11 years experience as a business executive ; Pierre has been dealing with content production within the yachting industry for over 7 years and knows how to get things done.

Unlike most start-ups, Marinescence Media does not sell an idea. Not only does the team know the product will work but it has also signed and honored many contracts. The management is able to estimate long term costs and it has a fairly accurate idea of margin rates. The business has been largely profitable from the first year.

Competitive advantage

Marinescence Media relies on a client database updated by Marinescence, that has been developed over the last ten years on the basis of “intuitu personae” relationships, specific to the yachting world. It stands out above all for its exclusivity in an environment where leads are very expensive.

Triple positive dynamic

• The explosion of content creation as Internet and social media take over classical marketing levers (Digital advertising revenues are surpassing TV since 2017 in the U.S.). Growth in this sector is dizzying> 20% / year.
• The development of all luxury oriented niche markets thanks to the rise of new trends in purchasing habits.
• The development of the yacht charter market (Marinescence Media core client), thanks to strong demand from the ultra-rich (The global yacht charter market is set to expand with a CAGR of 5.4% between 2018 to 2026 to reach $15.86B).