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If you would like to know more about a specific service please complete the form below and we will contact you within 1 working day. Alternatively you can call us on

+33 492 902 464


The process at Marinescence Media is really simple.

  • First we need to gather information about your business, your market and your project.
  • Taking the time to create a thorough but concise brief is probably the single greatest investment to make in both work efficiency and creativity.
  • Once we have a precise understanding of your need and environment, we engage the right project manager that will take care of you and edit a first quote.
  • All quotes contain a) Pricing information and b) A clear briefing on what should be deployed.
  • To start the mission, we ask our clients to proceed to an initial payment.
  • Once the initial payment is collected, the only person you will interact with is your project manager. He will ensure the intermediation with you and all content creators involved in your project(s): photographers, filmmakers, designers…
  • By hiring the best content creators, Marinescence Media focuses on both quality and efficiency. All projects are delivered in the greatest timing and conditions.

At Marinescence Media, every customer has a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager knows you. He helps you – and our content producers – to save time and energy. He is the only person you’ll interact with. Either you have an accounting or technical question, you only have one person to call.

Content production can cost as much or as little or as your budget allows.
Knowing precisely your goals offers numerous options to fit your budget.

Let’s take the example of a hotel calling us for a complet photoshoot. Budget will increase if you want to have professional models involved or if you ask us to come with an interior design team to sublimate each room of your venue.

This is why we always

  1. Take time to analyze your business and your project;
  2. Come up with different options so you can decide how much money you’ll be spending.

Payment instalments are the same for all our customers, from the biggest global companies to the smallest startups. For each mission, we request 50% of the total amount at the order while the balance should be paid upon delivery. All payments should be made by bank transfer and our accounts are located in France.

Coming from the yachting industry, we easily deal with frequent travelers and with companies located in the 4 corners of the globe. We adapt to all time zones and all cultural specificities. All our project managers speak a fluent English and are WhatsApp friendly.

Of course! Our offices are open from Monday to Friday (10am-5pm) and you are always welcome to come meet us (and enjoy an excellent coffee).

At Marinescence Media, we deal with a significant amount of very sensitive information, such as financial data and professional & trade secrets. We take confidentiality very seriously and we guarantee to all our clients that all strategical information will remain secured. Also, to avoid any conflict of interest, we may decline some missions for specific customers, knowing that we already work with their competitors.